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Blood vessels and pharmacology

Professor Paolo Tammaro in conversation with Prof William James, Professor of Virology and former Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University. They discuss the important nature of blood vessels - how they constrict and dilate under certain conditions - and the importance of these mechanisms for regulating blood pressure. New drugs in development which Prof Tammaro and his team are helping to develop can fight serious illnesses such as stroke and heart attacks. The interview was filmed by Voices from Oxford at the Department of Pharmacology, University of Oxford. 

The Tale of Sinuhe

Professor Richard Parkinson has worked with actress and writer Barbara Ewing to record a dramatic reading of one of the finest works of Egyptian poetry, The Tale of Sinuhe.


A Great Unrecorded History: LGBT Heritage and World Cultures

Professor Richard Parkinson discusses how to mobilise historical research into sexuality for maximum impact and the institutional, cultural and political issues that can be at stake, and suggests some of the possible uses of LGBTQ history.