Fellows’ Garden

The Queen’s College gardens are shared spaces for all to enjoy. This formal lawned garden is lined with exquisite planting that has been selected to encourage bees and other wildlife.

Drawda Garden

This informal garden offers bespoke seating from Rycotewood Furniture Centre in Oxfordshire and lawn space for relaxing. The medieval buildings frame the garden along with beautiful borders and a stunning magnolia tree. The Shulman Auditorium Foyer opens onto the garden, offering a welcome interval and refreshment break for audiences and conference delegates. There is also access to the Beer Cellar for large gala functions.

Porters’ Lodge

The Porters' Lodge can be found inside the main High Street entrance to the College. The Lodge is your first port of call upon arrival at Queen's.


In the middle of the College's Grade I listed frontage is a superb cupola under which is a statue of Queen Caroline. The College chose to amend the original plans for the cupola in order to include Queen Caroline in recognition of a generous benefaction that paid for the rebuilding of Front Quad.


The focus of graduate life within College is the lively and international Middle Common Room (MCR), conveniently located in the Front Quad and boasting a comfortable and relaxed environment, complete with kitchenette, TV, DVD, Wii, Wi-Fi, daily newspapers and magazines.


The Junior Common Room (JCR) provides a relaxed social space for undergraduates to meet. Every weekday during term-time the students put on their own JCR Tea, with tea, toast, and snacks being offered for mere pennies in the Common Room. This is a very popular choice for those who need a break from studying.

Front Quad

This fine classical quad was built gradually over the first half of the 18th century.

The Library

You can choose to work in the 19th century Lower Library or be inspired by the stunning 17th century Upper Library (above), widely regarded as one of the most beautiful reading rooms in Oxford. In Spring 2017 the New Library, situated underneath the Provost’s Garden, was opened, providing a light-filled space befitting the 21st century.

The New Library

This new underground space brings the whole academic community together, working in a research centre based on the widest possible range of source material, from medieval manuscripts to the latest digital resources. There are inspiring exhibition and social learning spaces alongside the 55 extra reading spaces created for everyday study. This makes the College's library one of the largest in Oxford.

The Chapel

The College was founded by Robert de Eglesfield in 1341 to be ‘a place of education and religion’ and the Chapel remains a place set apart for stillness and wonder in the heart of today’s busy College. Whether or not you choose to attend worship in the Chapel, its presence as a space for glorious music, quiet contemplation, and challenging preaching stands as an invitation to engage with your time at Oxford on a more than purely academic level.

The Hall

The Hall is a place to dine and socialise with your fellow students. Queen’s is a fully catered College, which means that most students come to our meals on a regular basis, turning them into very social occasions. All our food is offered at cost price, making Queen’s a cheap place to eat. There is no requirement to take or pay for any specified number of meals. For breakfast and lunch you will be charged according to what you purchase.

The Shulman Auditorium

Filled with natural light and the simple beauty of stone, oak and glass, the Shulman Auditorium is a tranquil space embracing the garden in which it is located. Built in 2011, it combines award-winning architecture with state-of-the-art technology. The glass foyer is an ideal setting for refreshments, opening out into the secluded garden area. The auditorium is used for student performances, academic lectures, music recitals, and film nights