Our Welfare Officer, Sybilla Pereira, has resigned and will be leaving College at the end of 4th week of this term.

We are in the process of recruiting her successor, but it will not be possible to get somebody in post before the end of term. We would therefore like to inform you of the provision for welfare support for the rest of term, until the end of 9th week.

As is usually the case, students can approach their Personal Tutor or College Advisor. The Chaplain is available during daytime hours on weekdays (and often Sundays as well) and there is a Junior Dean on duty overnight and at weekends.

Students are also reminded of the online University guidance which includes how to self-refer to the University Counselling Services, if needed.

In addition, we have recruited a temporary Welfare Officer to cover most of the gap of the rest of this term. Jane Armstrong, who is currently a Senior Welfare Officer at St Edmund Hall, will be available to meet Queen’s students during the day on Wednesdays from 6th week (her contact details will be added once she joins us in 6th Week).


We have now recruited a second temporary Welfare Officer, Sarah Beattie, who is currently Head of Welfare and Wellbeing at Mansfield College. Starting from Friday of 5th Week, Sarah will be available to meet with Queen’s students on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons, at Queen’s.

Sarah has asked that students use the following booking link to book a meeting with her (note, this is ONLY for Sarah, and NOT for Jane):