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Updates for applicants applying for 2018/19 entry

The web page will be kept up to date with information about application decisions and interviews.

If you have not received an email on the dates shown below, please check both your spam and junk mailboxes BEFORE contacting the Admissions Office.

BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES - selection email were sent TBA

MATERIALS SCIENCE - selection emails were sent TBA

MEDICINE - selection emails were sent TBA.

PHYSICS and JOINT SCHOOLS - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA.

CLASSICS - selection emails were sent TBA. 

PSYCHOLOGY - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA.

MODERN LANGUAGES - selection/deselection email were sent TBA.

ENGLISH - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA.

HISTORY - selection emails were sent TBA.

CHEMISTRY - selection emails were sent TBA.

MATHEMATICS and MATHEMATICS and JOINT SCHOOLS - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA.

PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA.

HISTORY - deselection emails were sent TBA.

ORIENTAL STUDIES - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA.

LAW/LSE - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA.

BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA.

FINE ART - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA. 

BIOCHEMISTRY - selection/deselection emails were sent TBA. 

Acknowledgement emails were sent from the College TBA.


Jardine Foundation Scholarship

Applicants making an application to this College for entry in 2018 from Cambodia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam may be eligible to apply for the above scholarship.  Further information can be obtained from The Jardine Foundation website at and the closing date for scholarship applications is TBA.  If you have any questions regarding this please contact the Jardine Foundation.

Road works around Oxford

There is a large amount of road works in and around Oxford. Candidates coming for interview should allow themselves a significant amount of extra time.

More information available

A40 roundabouts

A40 roundabouts Real-time traffic information

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