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Applying to Queen’s

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Interviews Here

We enjoy welcoming applicants to stay in Queen’s for the interview process every December. We give all interviewees a room for however long you need it and meals, all free of charge! We contact all applicants via email once we have received the applications to sort out accommodation.

We always have a team of student helpers to help you settle in to the College for your stay in Queen’s, so that you can concentrate on doing your best in your interviews. They are here to help you find your way around, to keep you company between your interviews, and to answer your questions too!

This video was produced as part of the Oxford Pathways Programme. For more information about the programme, please click here.

International Applicants

We welcome applications from all over the world. If applying from outside the EU, we will contact you once we have received your application to see if you would like to be interviewed over Skype. Being interviewed this way will not affect your chances of admission. If you feel you would be unable to come to Oxford to be interviewed in person for any other reason then we will arrange an interview via Skype for you.

Finding out your result

We send out our admissions decisions in early January, at the same time as the other Colleges, on the date mandated by the University. Unfortunately, we are not able to give out application results before this date.

Any Questions?                        

We are always here to answer your questions. Please contact either the Admissions Administrator or the Schools Liaison and Outreach Officer and we will do our best to help!




Our tutors are looking for academic enthusiasm, capability, and potential. You will be asked difficult questions, and will be expected to think on your feet. Take the interview questions at face-value, ask for help if you need it, be honest, and make the most of being given the chance to speak to the tutors!

We will not try to trick you; we will not try to make you feel uncomfortable; the tutors have 20-30 minutes to find out as much as possible about you as a candidate for your chosen subject.

More information on applying to Oxford can be found here: Applying to Oxford.

Open Days

The College runs a variety of Open Days at different points in the year. For details click here.

Contact us

Dr Leen Van Broeck, Admissions Administrator

Email Leen

Tel: 01865 279161

Orock Nsoatabe, Schools Liaison, Outreach and Recruitment Officer

Email Orock 

Tel: 01865 279493