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The Development Committee
The Development Committee at The Queen's College, Oxford

The Development Committee is a Standing Committee of the Governing Body. Its duties are to oversee College development and fundraising activities and the maintenance of the College’s good relations with its Old Members.


The Membership of the Committee
  • The Provost, Chair
  • The Bursar
  • Two Fellows appointed for a three year term, currently Professor Chris Norbury from 1 October 2017 and vacancy. 
  • Up to seven Old Members each for a three year term, renewable once at the will of the parties
  • The Development Director acts as Secretary to the Committee

The Provost and Fellows are grateful for the significant efforts Committee Members past and present put into supporting Queen’s.

Current Old Member Committee Members

Desmond Cecil, CMG – Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 1961
Paul Newton – Chemistry, 1975
John Turner - Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 1984
Rachel Lawson (née Stanton) – Modern Languages (French/Italian), 1984
John Hull – Chemistry, 1994 / Anna Hull (née Perriam) – Mathematics, 1995 
Maude Blake-Sanders – Modern Languages (French/Spanish), 2009

Recent Former Members

Adrian Beecroft – Physics, 1965
David Allanson – Literae Humaniores, 1974
Mel Stephens – Politics, 1976