The DEADLINE for applications is FRIDAY 17th February 2023 by 11:55pm at the latest.

If you would like to stay in College accommodation later than the end of this term from Saturday 11th March or return earlier than the beginning of Trinity Term on Wednesday 19th April at a cost of £17.67 per night, you need to apply for permission, even if you have exams, by completing an online request, using your single sign on account, at:

Online Vacation Residence Form Easter 2023

The vacation residence application period will take place in 5th week, beginning at 8am on Sunday 12th February and ending at 11.55pm on Friday 17th February 2023. It will not be possible to obtain permission after this deadline unless there are exceptional, unforeseen circumstances.  You will be informed by the end of 6th week whether you have been granted vacation residence permission or not. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Each day of vacation residence booked will be charged to your batells at £17.67 per day.

You are reminded that there is no automatic right to stay in College and further details of the College’s Policies and Procedures regarding Vacation Residence can be found in the Non-Academic Disciplinary Procedures and Rules and Regulation for Students, together with information on the limited storage available in College during vacations.

Being unaware of vacation rules and/or dates is not a justification for failing to adhere to the rules or applying late.

Full term dates can be found at http://www.ox.ac.uk/about/facts-and-figures/dates-of-term.

When applying, you will need to have a clear reason for staying. The Dean may ask you to provide evidence to support the reason.

Finalists applying for vacation residence, please read the document ‘Vacation Residence – Extra Information for Finalists’ received by email in 4th week.

Unless told otherwise by the Dean or the Domestic Bursar’s Office, all students, including those whose vacation residence applications have been approved, must vacate their rooms by 10 a.m. on Saturday of 8th week. All students are allowed to leave after 7pm on Friday of 8th week if they have called on their tutor and have no further academic obligations.

Even if you are given permission to stay up or return early, there is no guarantee that you will be allocated your term time room over the vacation.


Storage facilities, 2 boxes each, may be available for international students only

  • in Cardo by arrangement with the caretaker and Steward 
  • in St. Aldate’s House by arrangement with the Steward
  • in Main College and Carrodus Quad by arrangement with the Steward

The Steward: Mrs Sue Tutty: susan.tutty@queens.ox.ac.uk

It is essential to work during the vacation to consolidate the work that you do during the term. The College strongly encourages you to develop a study and revision programme for the vacation, to plan for this during the term and to gather the material that you need to take home to do this work. It is important that you do not rely on the relatively small amount of work that can be done in College before the start of the next term.

You can access many electronic resources remotely, including most of the University’s electronic literature resources – see http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/network/remote/index .

Most UK universities operate a reciprocal system which allows you to use local university libraries during vacations. Your eduroam wi-fi credentials will work in most UK and many foreign universities – see http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/network/wireless/services/eduroam/index.



For the entire duration of the vacation:

  • Breakfast will be served everyday through the counter by Bod Card
  • Lunch will be available at midday each day by sign on
  • Dinner will be available by sign on dependant on conference bookings – details on the meals website
  • Thursday 20th April normal service resumes


The Lower Library and New Library will be open 24 hrs a day throughout the Easter Vacation.  Access will be by proximity card as normal. Staff will be present from 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday. There are no staff present at the weekends during the vacation. The Upper Library will be accessible when the Library is staffed. Staffed hours apply from Monday 20th March through till Friday 21st April and include Good Friday 7th April and Easter Monday 10th April 2023.

Please ensure that you remove all your belongings by 4:45pm Monday – Friday from the Upper Library if you wish to use them when the Upper Library is closed. Items left in the Upper Library will not be accessible until after the weekend/the following morning. Occasionally the Upper Library will be closed with little warning due to unforeseen circumstances, please look out for notices.

Desks will be cleared first thing in the morning Monday – Friday throughout the vacation.  From Monday 17th April the Library will be staffed 9am – 10pm seven days a week until Friday of 8th week 16th June with full access to the Upper Library during staffed hours. All College Members will be kept fully informed via the “Library Opening Hours” page of the website, noticeboards, via email and Instagram.  The Library team will be on hand to provide assistance should you need it – just come to the enquiries desk or drop into the office.

If you have any problems accessing the online form please contact it-support@queens.ox.ac.uk and if you have any queries regarding the questions on the online form please email db.office@queens.ox.ac.uk  prior to the deadline.