We’re pleased that you’re considering using the College chapel for your concert. Given the significance of the building and its contents, we ask that users of the Chapel observe the following guidelines and kindly ask that you fill in the online booking form to help guide the Governing Body’s decision-making and to ensure that we provide you with the correct support on the day of your event.

The piano, harpsichord, and chamber organ may not be moved without the permission of the College Organist, and the former only with the guidance of the Steward.  They must be returned to their usual places after use.

Instruments brought into the Chapel should not be left there without the permission of the Chaplain.

Those who seek to use the Sanctuary (i.e. the area behind the iron rails) must first seek the permission of the Chaplain.

The altar and altar furnishings should not be moved and nothing should be placed on top of the altar.

If in exceptional circumstances it is necessary to move the altar or altar furnishings, please discuss with the Chaplain.

The eagle lectern must not be moved.

The cushions are fragile and should not be moved.

If chairs, music stands, or other extra furnishings are brought into the Chapel, they should be cleared out of the Chapel after the performance is over.

The altar candles should not be lit unless it is a service.

Other candles are not permitted for student-led events unless overseen by the Chaplain or Director of Music and included in the request for permission from Domus Committee.

Cello spikes should not be rested directly on the Chapel floor.

At the end of a performance, programmes left in the stalls should be removed and any litter should be collected.

Service books / sheets should should be left as they are. The Chaplain’s stall should not be used, and any books and papers in the Chaplain’s stall and Choir stalls should not be moved.

The Chapel is kept as a place of silence and prayer before 9.30 am, between 12.30 pm and 1.30pm (except for the organ recital on Wednesdays) and between 6 pm and 7 pm. Prayers and services may be held at these times.

Please ensure that you finish in good time so that these times of silence are not disrupted.

If you need to leave anything in the Chapel during these times, this will usually be possible but please check with the Chaplain.