In the fourth year of the Queen’s Translation Exchange’s (QTE) national translation prize for young people in secondary education, the College is delighted to announce that over 16,000 students and 300 schools from the UK (including in overseas MOD schools and in the Channel Islands) have participated. 

Each school benefited from QTE resources in five languages (French, including French into Welsh, Italian, Spanish, German, Mandarin). The Anthea Bell Prize received 3,576 of the participating schools’ best entries, currently being judged by professional literary translators.  Modern Language undergraduates from Oxford, including Queen’s, took part in the first judging round.  We look forward to announcing the winners!

Dr Charlotte Ryland, Founding Director of QTE and Supernumerary Fellow of Queen’s said:

When we started planning the Anthea Bell Prize six years ago, and even when we launched it in the midst of the pandemic, not in our wildest dreams did we expect so much engagement from so many young people right across the UK.

All the conversations I’ve had with participating teachers since then have made it clear that we are meeting a real need for rich, creative and cultural opportunities for languages classrooms, and we’ve been so inspired by all the creative ways in which teachers and pupils have engaged with the Prize.

The Anthea Bell Prize for Young Translators was launched for schools by the Translation Exchange in 2020.  The competition is inspired by the life and work of the great translator Anthea Bell. It aims to promote language learning across the UK and to inspire creativity in the classroom. By providing teachers with the tools they need to bring translation to life, we hope to motivate more pupils to study modern foreign languages throughout their time at school and beyond.