This Trinity Term, Queen’s has appointed two artists for the first of its creative residencies. Born out of conversations about how the College can engage creatively with the wider world in structured ways, the residencies are designed to create community engagement with the College coming together to experience, and contribute to, creative work.  Our resident artists will interact with diverse groups of people in the College community, not just students or academic staff working in their own specialist area.

We are delighted to announce that the artists for Trinity Term 2024 are figurative painter Kayoon Anderson and multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker Di Mainstone.

Kayoon, whose launch event is this week, said:

My practice centres on the relationships between people and the spaces they are in. The diversity of the College’s community, alongside its historic architecture, raises interesting questions of identity, heritage, and belonging.

During this residency, I look forward to meeting people from different backgrounds and hearing their stories. I will explore the connection between the College and its members as an ongoing and evolving dialogue, in which members of the College are changing the spaces they inhabit, just as the built fabric of the College is shaping them.

An event introducing Di’s work will follow later this term.

Photo: Kayoon (left) and Di (right)