The College congratulates Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) Graduate Taha T. A. Almasri for winning the BCL/MJur International Law and Armed Conflict Prize. The prize, established in 2011, is awarded by the Oxford Faculty of Law for the best performance in the International Law and Armed Conflict paper.

The International Law and Armed Conflict course covers the international law that applies in the run-up to, and during armed conflict. It examines the law on recourse to force (the jus ad bellum): the prohibition of the use of force, its exceptions and purported exceptions (self-defence, humanitarian intervention) and the use of force by authorisation of the UN Security Council. In addition, the course focusses on the law applicable during armed conflict (the jus in bello), after categorising armed conflict as international or non-international. This covers both the so-called Hague Law (means and methods of warfare) and the so-called Geneva Law (humanitarian law). It also addresses the application of human rights law in armed conflict, and the relationship between the jus ad bellum and human rights law.

I receive this honour with deep gratitude and great humility. It would not have been possible without the excellent teaching by my public international law professors on the BCL. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to undertake my studies at The Queen’s College. There I discovered a remarkable community which defined my Oxford experience and formed no doubt lifelong friendships. Finally, I am deeply thankful for the support of my family.

Taha Almasri