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A warm welcome to Queen's
Any student of Queen’s would promote the College enthusiastically, and for good reason!


We have an exceptionally strong and long-standing academic tradition. Our world-class tutors are passionate about teaching to a high standard and committed to supporting our students through their chosen degree courses. The College has a wealth of resources to support its students and facilitate their academic work, from its beautiful and well-stocked library to its academic support grants.

Living here

As a fully-catered college, we offer great food as well as high-quality accommodation for the full duration of your course.

First-rate sports facilities, a thriving musical scene, an abundance of clubs and societies, and a welcoming College bar mean that breaks from academic work are not hard to fill!


We welcome 90-100 new undergraduates every year. Queen’s is therefore a friendly and close-knit college where you can easily get to know your fellow students across different subjects and year-groups. At the same time we are large enough for there to be a thriving community in all areas of College life. 

There are normally over 150 graduates in residence, amounting to about a third of the College’s student numbers. Our graduate intake is international and covers a wide range of subjects.  Please visit our postgraduate admissions pages for more information.


Our beautiful College buildings are in the heart of the city, on the High Street, just a few minutes’ walk from most parts of the University and the town. Buses to other parts of the city, to London, and to the airports, stop right on our doorstep.


We have a generous system of grants and scholarships to reward excellent work and help students who run into financial difficulties. Our library will buy in books upon request and there is also a system of book grants to help students buy academic books. Don’t forget that College food and drink, as well as our accommodation, is subsidised.

Pay us a visit? Ask us a Question!

Contact the Schools Liaison and Outreach Officer ( to find out more about visiting the College, or if you have any questions about life here.