The Decanal Team is here to help you manage the changes you face when moving from home to university, or any other issue you might face that affects your physical, emotional, or psychological wellbeing. We are here to promote the wellbeing of members of the College and can point you in the direction of appropriate advice or support.

The Decanal Team consists of the Dean and the Junior Deans. The Dean is responsible for aspects of day-to-day student life in College, including discipline. He is assisted by the Junior Deans who live in Back Quad, Carrodus Quad, St Aldate’s House, and the Cardo Building. The Junior Deans support the Dean with his disciplinary responsibilities and the Welfare Officer with her welfare responsibilities.

There are also Decanal Assistants (D.A.s) in the Oxley-Wright building and Venneit Close. All these people have been chosen by the College as key contacts for welfare concerns.

The Welfare Officer deals with student welfare on a day-to-day basis from 0th – 9th Week. She can be contacted on or 01865 289137. A Junior Dean is on duty every evening from 7pm-7am and may be contacted via the Lodge in case of emergency. For non-urgent issues, you can email the team on

The Chaplain, Welfare Officer, and Junior Deans work as a team and operate on a basis of confidentiality within the team.

Photo: Martin, Angelica, Dylan and Heather.