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Opportunities for Schools
Image of a translation workshop at a primary school
Our focus at the Translation Exchange is on innovative and enriching programmes for young language-learners. In some cases these are delivered by teachers, in others our student ambassadors work directly with young people. In all cases, the emphasis is on collaboration, translation and exchange, and the excitement that comes from reading, thinking and writing together.

Please click on the boxes above to find out about our main programmes for young people. Alternatively, you can read a summary of each programme below.



NEW Summer 2022: Translating Dialect and Slang Competition for Schools in North West England

The Translation Exchange has joined with The Queen’s College Library to launch a new translation competition for schools in the North West of England in Summer 2022.

The focus of the translation competition is ‘Translating Dialect and Slang in Poetry’. The competition will coincide with an exhibition on display in the Queen’s library throughout the Summer 2022 term: ‘“Cummerland talk”: The Dialects of Cumbria and Lancashire’. The aim of the competition is to celebrate varieties within languages, and to encourage students to think about the role played by dialect and/or slang in poetry and the issues this raises for translation. There will be two entry categories, one for students in Years 7–9 and one for students in Years 10–11. Find out more

Translation Workshops in Schools

We train undergraduates and postgraduates at universities across England to run creative translation workshops in-person in local schools, and virtually to pupils across the UK. The students share their excitement about languages and literature - from picture books to poetry - with the pupils, working together on translations and showing how rich a life with languages can be.

If you would like our Creative Translation Ambassadors to run a workshop in your school, please get in touch. If you would like to offer the Ambassador training to students at your university, we'd love to hear from you too. 

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Anthea Bell Prize for Young Translators

This new competition for language-learners aged 11-18 comes with resource packs for teachers, enabling you to bring creative translation workshops to your pupils. The first packs are published for European Day of Languages in September of every year, and are currently available in French, German, Mandarin and Spanish. After the pupils have learnt about translation through these activities, they are invited to take part in a national translation competition. 

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International Book Club for Schools

Pupils aged 15-18 (Years 11-13 in England) meet on Zoom termly to discuss a book in translation that they have all read. Priority booking is given to students at state schools, and in some cases we are able to provide free copies of the book. Find out about our recent book clubs, and how to get involved. 


Re-Viewing the World

Those learning a language at school are invited to read and review a book in translation, from a list of books curated by undergraduates at Oxford University. All reviewers receive a copy of the book, and we publish the reviews on our website. Get involved!