The College aims to appoint one academic and one non-academic Distinguished Visitor each year. Such visitors are leading figures from academia and throughout the public and private sectors. During their residency, it is expected that they contribute actively to the intellectual life of the College at all levels: undergraduate, postgraduate, fellowship, and Old Members. Visitors typically give a short lecture or presentation to the College community, and they write a brief piece about their time in the College for The College Record – the College’s annual alumni magazine. Such a period of residency marks an important part of a lifelong connection to the College.

In addition to accommodation, the College offers senior membership, a library card, generous dining privileges (free of charge) at High Table and the opportunity to engage fully with our community of Fellows and undergraduate and postgraduate students across the full range of academic disciplines.

From academia: Academic Distinguished Visitors will typically be colleagues from other universities (normally at the rank of Professor) who intend to conduct research in Oxford and be affiliated with the College while on funded sabbatical leave from their host institution. While they do not receive an honorarium, the College is sometimes able to assist with travel expenses to and from Oxford. For the 2025-26 academic year (application deadline 31st December), the College invites applications in the Social Sciences.

From non-academic fields: The College also welcomes people from throughout the public and private sectors as Distinguished Visitors. In the past, this has included writers and artists. Old Member and Honorary Fellow Caryl Phillips (1976) spent Trinity Term 2009 in College, giving lectures to and working with students. Non-academic visitors often receive an honorarium in addition to accommodation.

Applications may be submitted at any time of year using the relevant application link below; all applications received before 31st December will be considered at the first meeting of Academic Committee in Hilary Term (i.e. in January 2025, for residencies during the 2025-26 academic year). Applications received after 31st December will be considered in the following year’s cycle.

Please download the Further Particulars for more details.