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Queen’s has one of the best-stocked college libraries in Oxford, with around 50,000 volumes in the current lending collection. Extensive provision is made for all subjects taught within college, often through the purchase of multiple copies of titles in high demand. The staff are dedicated to providing the best service possible to College members and are always willing to assist readers.

The Upper Library is considered one of the finest rooms in Oxford and has been a focal point for the College ever since its construction at the end of the seventeenth century. Once thought to have been built by Christopher Wren because of its similarity with the Wren library at Trinity College Cambridge, the actual architect of the Library remains a mystery. Dean Aldrich of Christ Church is a likely candidate, as is Timothy Halton, the Provost of Queen’s at the time the Library was built. The Upper Library remains as a reading room for students and is virtually unique in this respect in the University.

The College has one of the largest and most diverse collections of rare books in Oxford with around 100,000 volumes in the antiquarian collection. Although the Library was founded in the fourteenth century, very little of the original collections of manuscripts and printed books remain. However, thanks to a number of generous benefactions made over the last three hundred years, Queen’s now has one of the largest and richest collections in Oxford. Items from the collections are often on display in the Upper Library.

See the Library history page for more detailed information.

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