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New Library Queen's College Oxford
Please note that normal access arrangements have been suspended due to Covid-19. Please consult the main library page for information on how to access the library. We remain closed to external visitors and readers.
Current Members

Full access to the Library is restricted to current members of the College, who may access the Lower Library and New Library 24 hours a day. The Upper Library is closed outside staffed hours.

Students may show visitors around between 12:00 and 12:45 on Saturdays during term time. Alternatively, an appointment can be made with a member of library staff to bring guests at other times. Guests should always be introduced at the enquiry desk on arrival.

Old Members

Old Members are welcome to visit the Library with their friends and family during staffed hours. They may also use the Library for short periods by prior arrangement, but do not have borrowing rights.

We encourage Old Members to refrain from visiting the Library during Trinity Term, as this is a critical time for our students. Although we understand this is not always possible, we would prefer if Old Members could contact us in advance to arrange a visit.

Visitors and External Readers

Non-members of the College, including those from other colleges in Oxford, must make an appointment before visiting as facilities for external readers are limited. Please email the Library with your requirements as far in advance as possible to ensure we can accommodate you.


All requests for filming in the Library should be directed to the Domestic Bursar in the first instance.