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Access & Outreach
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Queen’s was founded to enable bright young students from modest backgrounds to experience a first class education and subsequent benefactions reinforced that ethos.

Today we continue that commitment, identifying, encouraging applications from and offering places to prospective students solely on the basis of their academic excellence and potential to benefit from the opportunities provided by the College. We recognise that some groups of students will require different types of support and that teachers, advisors and parents play an important part in encouraging and supporting students to apply to Oxford.

Take a look at the Schools Outreach section of this website and you will see the great work being done by School’s Liaison and Outreach Officer and the team of current students. In 2018, we spent almost £100,000 on Outreach activities, engaging approx. 1,850 prospective applicants.

To protect our capacity to seek out and inspire those who would benefit most from a Queen’s education, we are asking for your support to endow this post.

A gift of £50 per month could cover the transport, accommodation and living costs of one sixth former on our four day Spring Schools’ Residential.

It costs over £11,000 to fund a science 'taster' week for 25 pupils, during which time they live at Queen's and experience tutorials and working in both labs and libraries.