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Medical attention

If you need medical attention, please use one of the following:

  • Ring the College Doctors at 19 Beaumont Street for a GP appointment - 01865 240501
  • Ring 111 for  medical advice
  • Go to A & E at the JR Hospital in an emergency (the Lodge can help call for a taxi)
  • Dial 999 in a dire emergency

Always inform the Lodge (01865 279120) if you need emergency assistance as they can assist you and inform (with your consent) the Decanal Team who lead on welfare, relevant tutors and staff members who will advise your family and friends of your whereabouts. 

College Doctors

The College Doctors offer comprehensive primary medical care within the National Health Service. The doctors are independent of the College and cater for the full range of physical and mental health problems:

Dr Kenyon and Partners

19 Beaumont Street

Oxford OX1 2NA

Telephone – 01865 240501

The College Doctor Practice is open Monday – Friday from 08:00  to 18:00 

More information about the Practice is available at

In an emergency you should call the appropriate emergency service and inform the Porters Lodge (01865 279120) so that they can direct them when they arrive.