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New Fellows in History and Classics

16 September 2020

The College warmly welcomes two new Fellows who join us for the start of the academic year: Dr Conor O’Brien (Tutorial Fellow in History) and Dr Gabriele Rota (Junior Research Fellow in Classics).

Conor O'Brien studied at Cork and Oxford, before going on to hold research fellowships at Churchill College, Cambridge and Durham and teaching positions at Sheffield and King's College London. His first book, Bede's Temple: An Image and its Interpretation, won the 2017 Best Book Prize from the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists. A historian of early medieval religion and thought, he is currently writing a book on The Rise of Christian Kingship, 400 – 850.

Gabriele Rota completed a PhD in Classics at the University of Cambridge, where he studied the reception and textual history of Cicero’s letters in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. As a Research Fellow at The Queen’s College, Gabriele will work on the phenomenon of interpolation –that is, the insertion of spurious matter into a text – in Latin literature, by mapping the attitude of readers and scholars towards interpolated texts from the 1st century BC to the Enlightenment. While working this major theme into a monograph, Gabriele will also carry on the long-term project of re-editing the whole of Cicero’s correspondence.

Below: (left) Conor O'Brien and (right) Gabriele Rota