Please complete the below form to register your interest in the Anthea Bell Prize for Young Translators 2022-23. You will receive creative translation resources for five languages (French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish) and competition tasks. The resources will be made available in September 2022, January 2023, February 2023, and the competition window will be open from mid-February until the end of March 2023.

Here you can also confirm if you would like to receive information about our International Book Club for Schools, Re-viewing the World, and Creative Translation Workshops run in schools by undergraduate ambassadors. Please note that the workshops will run in schools in summer term 2023. In-person workshops will be available to schools in certain areas of the UK, and we hope to offer virtual workshops to schools in other areas.

The data on this form relates to your registration of interest in the Anthea Bell Prize for Young Translators. The date and time of your submission, your identity and the details of your school will all be stored, but will not be used for any purpose other than administering the competition and recording your registration to the competition.

If you experience any problems completing and submitting the online form, please contact us by email on

Anthea Bell Prize
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Schools in Wales
In 2021-22, the competition will run for translation from French into Welsh and English across four levels (for students aged 11-18). Bilingual (Welsh/English) resources are available for French levels 1 and 2 (we plan to add levels 3 and 4 next year). Please indicate if your students will translate into Welsh, English, or both.
Mandarin Teachers
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Translation Exchange Initiatives
If you are interested in receiving information about other programmes for schools run by the Translation Exchange, please indicate this by checking the relevant box(es) below. You can find out more about all of these by following the links given above.