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Food and accommodation
Student room


Queen’s can offer College accommodation to all undergraduates for the duration of their course (3 or 4 years).

We charge everyone the same for all of our standard rooms: £1,281.13 per term.

Reducing Costs: Sharing and Small Rooms

We do not force any students to share rooms or sets. However, some students may choose to do so, within certain regulations. Doing this will reduce the termly rent to £1006.48.

We also have a few smaller rooms that we offer to those who want to reduce their rent. They are offered at a cost of £1,061.42.

“Living Out”

After first year, you are under no obligation to live in College accommodation. Several students every year choose to “live out” in privately rented accommodation elsewhere in Oxford. There is a termly kitchen establishment charge of £31.81.



Queen’s is a fully catered College, which means that all our students come to our meals, turning them into very social occasions! All our food is offered at cost price, making Queen’s a cheap place to eat.

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast is served in the main Dining Hall as well as in the Florey and Cardo Buildings. Both breakfast and lunch are offered on a “pay-as-you-eat” basis with you helping yourself to what you would like in our recently rebuilt Servery, and then being charged per item.

We always offer a wide range of food and cater for all dietary requirements.


Fancy a break at 4pm? Every weekday during term-time the students put on their own JCR Tea, with tea, toast, snacks etc being offered for mere pennies in the Common Room. A popular choice for those who need a social break from the Library!


You book on for our two-course dinner online and there is a fixed charge.

We also provide meals at weekends, with the three-course Saturday Formal Dinner being very popular with our students.

Basic Board and Lodging Information 2017/18

Daily average room rate (including kitchen overhead charge*): £21.71*
Daily average room rate (room only): £18.62
Length of undergraduate contract in days: 177 days


You can expect meal costs to be of the following order:  
Breakfast £1.80 (average cost as pay as you go)
Lunch £3.00 (average cost as pay as you go)
Dinner £4.54  (signing on)
* Kitchen overhead charge is made to all students and is £3.10 per day