Queen’s has a particular strength in the English and Modern Languages joint school, usually admitting one of the largest cohorts for the subject in the University. The course divides roughly half and half between the English curriculum and that of the chosen modern language. Students choose options from the subjects studied by single honours students in each subject. Although English and Modern Languages is a separate degree, students study alongside single honours students in both English and Modern Languages. The intention is to provide a context for interdisciplinary study, similar to the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics course. We believe that the tutorial system in a collegiate university provides an especially fruitful environment for this type of study.

Tuition for this Honour School is provided by the Tutors in French, German, Spanish and English, and by the Lecturers in French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.  You may want to read the separate descriptions under English and Modern Languages for more information about the two elements of the course.