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The best preparation for the Oxford course is to study Mathematics and Further Mathematics at GCE A-level or the equivalent in Scottish, European, or other qualifications. Nevertheless many mathematicians without Further Maths or equivalent have, with diligence, found it perfectly possible to catch up and have achieved good honours degrees in these courses. The College has a strong tradition in Mathematics. We currently admit 7–8 students each year.

The courses

The courses last four years for an MMath and three years for a BA. Apart from the single subject courses we welcome at Queen’s applications for the joint courses in Mathematics & Philosophy and in Mathematics & Statistics.


Normally undergraduates have three or four tutorials each week. The pattern varies in the second, third and fourth years at the point where students choose their options. Thanks to the broad range of interests of the Tutorial Fellows, most of the first- and second-year material is taught by Fellows and Lecturers within the College. The third-year and fourth-year material is taught in the Mathematical Institute in intercollegiate classes, for all colleges.

Admissions Tests

Admissions for Mathematics and Joint Schools is a two-stage process. Candidates take a 2.5 hour test with questions taken from a syllabus roughly corresponding to A-level Maths. Performance in the test is a major factor in the decision on which students to call for interview. We strongly advise you to practise using past papers, which can be found on the Maths Admissions Test page on the Mathematical Institute website. 


Usually students are given two interviews at Queen’s and one interview at their second-choice college. Students applying for Maths and Philosophy are given an interview in Philosophy as well. We are looking for candidates who have a good understanding of A-level Mathematics, enjoy Mathematics and are determined to work hard to face the challenge of the course in Oxford. Even though no special preparation is required for the interviews it is worth pointing out that candidates could benefit from the UKMT mentoring scheme to expand their knowledge and experience in Mathematics.