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The College endeavours to create an environment that is open to all.  A number of accessibility measures have been introduced to improve access for visitors and members with disabilities. Recent building projects have been designed with accessible facilities and the College will continue to strive to improve accessibility where possible.

The areas below are fully accessible:

The Shulman Auditorium | Hall | Lower Library | New Library | Lecture Room B | Small Teaching Room | Front Quad | Back Quad | New Dining Room | Carrodus Quad | Late Gate | Bedroom | W/C

The following maps have been prepared to help those who wish to visit Queen’s or use our services:

Map of College showing level-access entrances

Please click here for an accessible version of the College map

You can find the precise 3m x 3m location of entrances around the College using the what3words app or website. The exact locations of our entrances are:

For specific disability access information, or if you need wheelchair access, please contact the Lodge on 01865 279120 or email

We welcome comments and feedback on any accessibility issue pertaining to the College. Please submit your comments by email, mail, telephone, or in person.  The College looks forward to your feedback and will work to ensure that it is accessible to all of its visitors and members to the maximum extent possible.