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College Officers



Senior Tutor Dr N J Owen
Tutor for Admissions Dr J P K Doye
Tutor for Graduates Professor M J Buckley
Tutor for Undergraduates Professor J Hyman
Dean of Degrees Dr P T Harries
Secretary of the Governing Body Mr N C Bamforth
Fellow Librarian Dr R L Beasley
Dean Professor C A O'Callaghan
Hardship Officer Dr K A Q O'Reilly
IT Fellow Dr A Timms
Equalities Officer Professor J Mellor
Curator of Pictures Dr G Salmon
Senior Treasurer of the JCR Professor C A O'Callaghan
Organist Dr O L Rees
Editor of the College Record Dr C M Edwards (until 31 December 2017)
Senior Treasurer of the Amalgamated Sports Clubs Dr C M Edwards
Secretary of the Laming Committee Dr L Lonsdale
Secretary of the Benefices Committee Dr A Timms
Entertainment Secretary Professor R A Taylor
Editor of the College website Mrs E L Downing (and Editor of the College Record from 1 January 2018)