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College Officers



Senior Tutor Prof. S.A. Whidden
Tutor for Admissions Dr J.L. Guest 
Tutor for Outreach and Access  Dr L.A. Turnbull
Tutor for Graduates Prof. M.J. Buckley
Tutor for Undergraduates Dr C.B. Louth
Tutor for Welfare Dr K.A.Q. O'Reilly
Dean of Degrees Dr A M Bowie
Secretary of the Governing Body Dr C.M.S. Metcalf
Statutes and Bylaws Officer Mr N.C. Bamforth
Fellow Librarian Dr C.B. Louth
Dean Dr R.B. Nickerson
Hardship Officer Dr K.A.Q. O'Reilly
IT Fellow Dr A. Timms
Equalities Officer Mr N.C. Bamforth
Harrassment Advisor (female) Prof. E.J.C. Mellor
Harrassment Advisor (male) Dr P.A. Tammaro
Curator of Pictures Dr G. Salmon
Senior Treasurer of the JCR Prof. C.A. O'Callaghan 
Senior Treasurer of the MCR Dr J.L. Guest
Organist Dr O.L. Rees
Senior Treasurer of the Amalgamated Sports Clubs Dr R.B. Nickerson
Secretary of the Laming Committee Prof. S.A. Whidden
Secretary of the Benefices Committee Dr A. Timms
Entertainment Secretary Prof. R.A. Taylor
Editor of the College website Mrs E L Downing  
Garden Fellow Dr L.A. Turnbull
Data Protection Officer Revd K. Price
Secretary to Remuneration Committee  Dr R.B. Nickerson
Warden of God’s House              D. Goddard 
Donations Officer  Prof. M.J. Buckley