We hope the information below will help answer all the questions you may have whilst planning your event with us. 

The ‘Conference Checklist’ below summarises everything we require from you in the lead up to your event.

Should you have any queries, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Meal Timings

Breakfast is served in Hall:

07:45 – 08:45 weekdays

08:15 – 09:15 Saturday/Sunday

Breakfast is a canteen style service open to all residents, serving a wide choice of Full English and Continental options.

Lunch / Dinner timings:

Standard times for a servery-style meal are:

12:30 – 13:30 for lunch

18:30 – 19:30 for dinner (Gala dinner times will differ)

The servery will be open for 30-45 minutes within the hour slot (depending on the size of your group) and the Hall stays open for the full hour.

If you need an earlier or later time please let us know and we can check that we can coordinate this.

Lunch / Dinner – Served:

If you have booked a served lunch or dinner, delegates must arrive to be seated altogether at the agreed meal time. If the group arrives later than 15 minutes after this time, a £100.00 fee will be applied to the final invoice to cover the cost of staff staying late. The first course will also be forfeited due to food quality being affected by the delay. If individuals arrive after the group has been seated they will be served the next course, not the one which is underway.

Refreshment breaks – timings will usually be agreed soon after your booking is made. Refreshments are usually served in the Hall, or the Shulman Foyer for Auditorium bookings.

Menu and drinks selection

The menu for most servery meals will be selected by our Head Chef.

For served formal lunches and dinners, we will send you the menus and wine lists at the point of booking. Please confirm choices as soon as possible, at the latest by 1 month in advance of your booking.

Dietary Requirements

All delegate dietary requirements per meal are to be confirmed by 14 days in advance. Please submit this in the Excel template provided in the ‘Accommodation’ section below.

Delegates with a declared dietary requirement will be given a diet card to ensure smooth and efficient service and to assist staff.

The College will print the diet cards, (you) the organiser will need to issue them to delegates.

Please ask your delegates to ensure that these cards are placed prominently in view at each meal. It is especially important for those with significant medical diets, such as a nut allergy, to make themselves known to senior Hall staff and to make their own check daily of the dishes offered.

Seating plans – if you are having a seating plan for a formal meal, we will send you a template to complete by entering delegate names and dietary requirements. Place cards will supersede the diet card in this instance.

Please note we cannot cater for guests who require a kosher meal.

You can use the main College entrance from 07:00-21:00 daily. When this entrance is locked you and your delegates will need to use one of the ‘Late Gates’ (High Street Gate or Library Gate, see Site Plan in section below) to come and go. These Late Gates can be opened using the fobs attached to your room key. A Porter can be reached in the Lodge 24 hours a day, if assistance is required there is an intercom at the main entrance.

A Night Porter is on duty from 22:30-07:00 each night – the Porter may be away from the main Lodge on security checks during this time period and may not be contactable from the intercom periodically. They can still be contacted by phone. During the night, the Night Porter should only be contacted by residents in the event of an emergency.

There are several steps up to the Main College entrance. If any of your delegates need level access or have any other assistance needs, please indicate this.

Arrival and Departure

Check in is from 14:00

Check out is by 10:00

If delegates arrive early, luggage storage facilities are available until check in at 14:00 – our Porters’ Lodge can provide access to this.

Please advise us if your delegates will be arriving individually or in a group (by coach for example), and also if any delegates will be checking in after 21:00 so that we can inform our Lodge.

Please send your delegate accommodation and dietary information across in an excel table as follows, 14 days prior:

Arrival date Arrival time Departure date Surname Forename Title Age 16-18 or vulnerable adult Nationality* Dietary info. Ground floor room needed? Arriving individually or in a group?
07/07/21 16.00 20/07/21 Brown Fiona Dr n/a n/a Dairy-free No Arriving with the group on coach

*Nationality: For all delegates who are not British, Irish or Commonwealth members, please retain the following:
Passport number and place of issue (or other document which shows their identity and nationality);
details of their next destination (including the address, if known) on or before departure.


Bedroom and Laundry Facilities

Our bedrooms feature the following:

  •  small refrigerators
  •  tea and coffee making facilities
  •  toiletry pack on arrival
  •  free Wi-Fi access (see section below)
  •  daily servicing (weekdays)
  •  bath towel (we ask that guests consider the environmental impact and re-use towels as far as possible. Delegates should indicate to our housekeeping team if towels need to be refreshed)

Delegates also have access to a ‘pay per go’ (app) washing machine and dryer in the Laundry Room and an iron and board. A hairdryer can be borrowed from the Lodge (a refundable £10 cash deposit is required).

Delegates should only bring electrical items which are in good working order. Our sockets are suitable for UK 3 pin plugs – please bring adapters for non-UK plugs.

For any room issues relating to cleaning, repairs or further supplies, please speak to our Lodge or housekeeping staff (known as ‘scouts’).

Hire is from 08:30 until 17:30 for all meeting rooms. Access is not possible prior to 08:30. You will be issued keys for meeting rooms at the Porters’ Lodge, and you should then lock the rooms and return keys at the end of each day.

Please note that there is a charge of £50 + vat for lost keys (£40 + vat per key, £10 + vat per access fob). Charges will be added to the final conference invoice, including any bedroom keys lost by delegates.

Please highlight below which layout you would like for your booked rooms and select the yes/no for the equipment required.

Room Lecture style (chairs only) Boardroom style Classroom style (chairs and desk space) Inbuilt AV Request portable screen and projector Wall mounted whiteboard Freestanding whiteboard (flipchart size)
Magrath Room _ 16 _ _ yes/no none yes/no
Memorial Room 60 30 _ _ yes/no none yes/no
Auditorium 96 fixed seats. Please specify if a row of chairs at the front is required to seat the maximum number 110.  Yes / no. Yes – date for AV demo? _ none yes/no
Auditorium foyer _ 20 20 TV screen yes/no none yes/no
Lecture Room A 25 _ 12 yes _ Rotating whiteboard yes/no
Lecture Room B 45 _ 30 cabaret yes _ Blackboard yes/no
Lecture Room C _ 12 _ _ _ yes yes/no
Small teaching room _ 10 8 _ _ Rotating whiteboard yes/no
Table Tennis room (BQ4) _ 12 10 _ yes/no yes/no yes/no
Carrodus Quad Lecture Room _ _ 15 _ yes/no Rotating whiteboard yes/no
Carrodus Quad Music Room _ _ 15 _ yes/no _ yes/no
Junior Common Room (JCR) set-up as seen with sofas _ _ _ _
Old Taberdars’ Room (OTR) set-up as seen with sofas _ _ _ _
Beer Cellar (as common room) Set-up as seen with tables and chairs _ _ _ _

Meeting rooms

Internet Access


Visitors to the College are welcome to use the free wireless Internet access managed by “Sky Wi-Fi” (The Cloud).

If you already have an account with Sky Wi-Fi, you will be able to use your existing login details.

If not, then you can create an account before you arrive in College by visiting their website. Setup is quick and simple and only takes a few steps. Or you can create an account easily from a mobile, tablet or laptop once you arrive in College.

Before you arrive:
It may be helpful to advise your home institution/ IT office that you will need to connect to the Sky Wi-Fi service (in advance) because this service uses a Captive Portal for connection to the Internet.
Your home institution or IT office may need to enable any security settings to allow connectivity if accessing Wi-Fi on any business laptops and devices.

If your home institution is part of the Eduroam network then you can connect to Eduroam here in Oxford rather than using Sky Wi-Fi (The Cloud). Ask your home institution’s IT team for help getting connected to Eduroam before coming to Oxford.


How to connect to QueensGuest-The_Cloud  

  • Check your Wi-Fi is on.
  • Select QueensGuest-The_Cloud from the available network list. If one does not open automatically visit https://wifi.sky.com
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You’re now connected and will auto-connect in future.

If you have any queries or have trouble connecting to Sky Wi-Fi (The Cloud) service then please visit their support website – https://www.sky.com/wifi 


The Queen’s College IT Office doesn’t have management over the Sky Wi-Fi
service, and unfortunately are unable to help if a delegate’s laptop is “locked down” by their home institution due to security settings. However, if anyone is having trouble with Wi-Fi during standard office hours then the College IT Office are happy to help where they can.


Computer, Photocopying and Printing Facilities

The Moffatt Room, located in Back Quad doorway 6, is open for use by any resident in College. The room contains four computers which can be used by residents with a log-in unique for your conference. There are two Multi-Function Devices (MFD) providing printing and photocopying for which a code is required. Conference organisers can also register an email address with College that will allow them to email PDF documents to the Moffatt Room MFD for printing. Once registered organisers just send PDFs as an email attachment to mobile.print@queens.ox.ac.uk  Please let us know if you would like a code set up for your conference – printing charges are then included in your final invoice.

Emergency Information

The Lodge is your point of contact whilst on site: 01865 279120. Contact the Lodge if you or your delegates require First Aid. If you phone 999 yourself, if you are able to, inform the Lodge that you have called emergency services.

The nearest A&E and Minor Injuries Units are at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, OX3 9DU.

The College Environment

The majority of the current College buildings were erected in the 17th and 18th centuries. There are many uneven floor surfaces and old staircases. Please take care when moving around the College. Please note that the windows are not restrained and should not be opened beyond 10cm for your own safety. Please do not attempt to access any balconies or balustrades or to reach or hang anything out of windows.

All areas in College, including the grounds are non-smoking (including e-cigarettes).

Please assess the site for the activities you are carrying out and let us know if you would like to put any additional control measures in place.

Risk assessment

Information for attendees

Please read out the following information in your welcome talk to delegates (example designed for the Shulman Auditorium):

Welcome to The Queen’s College

The nearest toilet facilities are in the Shulman Foyer.

If the fire alarm sounds you should leave by this exit(s) [Indicate door(s)], and make your way to the assembly point which is the garden area where I will perform a head count or roll call.

(if relevant) Please check-out tomorrow after breakfast by returning your room key to the Lodge Porter. You can bring your bag/ suitcase and store it in the Shulman Foyer for the duration of the day.

We will have a break at [insert your programme time] and lunch is in Hall at [insert time].

If anyone hasn’t let me know of a dietary requirement please let me know now.

Thank you.

You may find it helpful to make a fuller announcement by reading out the following information in your welcome talk to delegates or by circulating this in advance:

Fire safety

  • If the fire alarm sounds please vacate the room you are in and move to your nearest assembly point, this is usually the middle of the Quad or Garden nearest to you.

There is a laminated information sheet and map in each meeting room which explains where you should assemble from that location, please familiarise yourself with this when using a new meeting room.

When you return to your bedroom please check the fire sticker on the back of your bedroom door to see where your nearest assembly point is.

If anyone has difficulty using the usual means of escape in an emergency, please come and let me know after this session.

First Aid

  • The College have first aid trained staffed members on duty 24 hours a day. If you require first aid please contact the Lodge 01865 279120. During meal times, there are first aid trained staff in the Hall area as well. If you call an ambulance, please let the lodge know. We also have (name) and (name) who are first aid trained.


  • The Lodge is staffed throughout the day and by a night porter throughout the night.

From 9pm the main High Street doors by the Lodge are closed and you will need to use your key fob to access the college from the High Street Late Gate or Late Gate in Back Quad.

Never let anyone into college with you, unless they are known, registered members of this event. Please report any suspect packages or suspicious persons to the Lodge.

College Grounds

  • Please be careful of the uneven surfaces around the college grounds.

If we experience wet weather please be especially careful as the pathways and steps can become slippery. If anyone hasn’t already let us know that you require level access or have any accessibility concerns, please do so after this session. Please remember the windows are not restrained and should not be opened beyond 10cm for your own safety. You shouldn’t be able to access any balconies, however do not attempt to access any balconies or balustrades or to reach or hang anything out of any window.


  • All College premises including bedrooms are strictly non-smoking. The use of e-cigarettes counts as smoking.


  • Please remember to turn electrical items, such as laptop/phone chargers, hair straighteners off when leaving the bedroom. Please keep your key safe, as there is a charge for lost keys.

Please remember that only 3 pin plugs should be used or UK adapters.


  • Please be on time. If you arrive late for a seated served meal, you will be served the next course not the one which is underway. For canteen meals you can arrive at any point between the 30 minute window.

Check out

  • Check-out is by 10:00 on the day of departure. Luggage cannot be taken into the Hall at breakfast, so please check-out on your way to breakfast and leave your luggage in the luggage store in Front Quad.
  • A full list of our regulations for visitors is available to view here, and we kindly ask that your delegates are made aware of these in advance of their stay.

    We ask that you and your delegates are particularly aware of the following notable regulations:


    • Photographs, videos and sound recordings require permission (please return the request form).
    • Blu-tack is not permitted anywhere in college and nothing is to be affixed to the walls or windows anywhere (including other fixing agents, such as tape) Please use the poster boards or pinboards.
    • Heavy furniture within bedrooms or meeting rooms should not be moved without previous consultation with the Conference Office. In the Shulman Auditorium, the piano and lectern should not to be moved, the lectern is wired into the floor and requires a qualified electrician to re-connect the equipment.
    • We ask for quiet hours between 23:00 to 08:00 inside and outside the buildings.
    • It is not permitted to walk on the grassed areas in college, with the exception of Drawda Garden in summer. The Fellows’ Garden is reserved for the Fellows and private functions.
    • No ball games are allowed on College premises.



    All College premises including bedrooms are strictly non-smoking. The use of e-cigarettes counts as smoking.

Internet access is available for academic conference delegates and for bed and breakfast guests.

By connecting to the network, you and your delegates agree to operate under the College ICT rules and regulations.

Summary of notable rules for Internet Access

  1. Do not give your username or password to any other person; notify your host or group organiser immediately if you have lost your account credentials.
  2. Your computer MUST have anti-virus software that updates automatically from a trusted software vendor
  3. Your computer MUST be kept up-to-date with operating system updates and security patches.
  4. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing software is not permitted in College.
  5. Legal music / movie stores are “okay” – iTunes, Amazon etc. However, Peer to Peer (for example Bit Torrent) software and sites are most definitely NOT okay.
  6. Users are not permitted to use University IT or network facilities for any unlawful activity.
  7. You are not permitted to run any network service on your computer (eg DNS, DHCP, Web servers etc).
  8. The University may bar access at any time to computers which appear to cause unreasonable consumption of network resources, which pose a danger to the security or integrity of any system or network, or for any reason may bring disrepute to the University.
  9. If any user is seen to be downloading illegal music, movies or software, then the University’s IT Services will issue a Cease & Desist notice and charge the College an administration charge. This “admin fee” will be passed on to the user, this fee will be in the region of £100.   These Cease & Desist notices “may” appear several days after the actual event – so Guests / Conferences / Summer Schools may receive additional charges after they have left.

Please also remember that if your home institution is part of the Eduroam network then we highly recommended to use Eduroam. Ask your home institution’s IT team for help getting connected to Eduroam before coming to Oxford.

The Porters’ Lodge 01865 279120
Conference Office 01865 279129 / 01865 279494
IT Office 01865 279205