Equality policy

Equal Opportunities Policy (May 2020)
The Queen’s College Harassment Code of Practice (May 2020)
The Queen’s College Prevention of Sexual Harassment Code of Practice (May 2020)
The Queen’s College Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (May 2020)
The Queen’s College Recruitment and Selection Code of Practice (May 2020)
The Queen’s College Harassment Policy flowchart (January 2020)
Sexual assault advice (January 2020)

Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)

Public Sector Equality Duty Checklist
The Equality Report 2021-22
Guidance for members of the University of Oxford on meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty

Equality monitoring data

Disability Programme Type Overview 2019
Ethnicity Programme Type Overview 2019
Gender Programme Type Overview 2019
Overview of Equality and Diversity Measures 2019
Gender pay report

Race, diversity and access

In a statement of 9 June 2020 in response to Black Lives Matters, the Governing Body committed to setting up a working group, to include students and staff from across the College, tasked with working to put forward concrete and meaningful proposals to the Governing Body.  Here are reports on the activity:

Read more about the Race, Diversity and Access Working Group.

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